I hope the experience has broadened your horizons and you managed to stay afloat in the treacherous waters of collaborative working. I hope to surf the waves again with you all in the future. Bon voyage! *bottle smashing*

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1st WAVE  2nd WAVE  3rdWAVE

DOLLY Hobby, EUAN LynnBeth Stead, Jade Cooper, Toni Hurford ➜ Toni

GEN SlaterJody Mulvey ➜ Gen, Jody, Zoe Carlon

IMO JeffesAmy Story, Gemma Jones ➜ Imo + Amy + Gemma

MATT YoungLisa Vigorelli ➜ Matt + Lisa

MEAGHAN StewartAaron Dawson-Riley, Lauren Matthews ➜ Meaghan + Lauren

POLINA Chizhova + JAMES Stephen WrightKitty McKay, Taya Franco ➜ Polina + James + Kitty + Taya

SUE LoughlinBen Haley, Jade Blood ➜ Ben (also featured across the site)

TOM LinesAidan KL, Grace Collins, Margaret Jennings ➜ Aidan + Grace + Margaret + Tom

VICKI DoyleAaron D-R, Oliver Hoffmeister ➜ Vicki + Aaron + Oliver

WILL StockwellMaya Wallis ➜ Will + Maya